Environmental footprint

As a recycler of Aluminum and leading producer of flat-rolled Aluminum products ALMEXA is constantly working to develop aluminum alloys with a low carbon footprint. Currently, ALMEXA offers two types of low-carbon Aluminum through our RECYCAL™ Recycled Aluminum and GREEN ALUM™ Low Carbon Aluminum brands.

RECYCAL™ Aluminum; ALMEXA´S recycled Aluminum

RECYCAL™ Aluminum is a range of products made with a minimum of 75% recycled Aluminum.

Using recycled Aluminum, we drastically reduce energy use in the production phase while still offering high-quality Aluminum.

GREEN ALUM™ Low Carbon Aluminum; ALMEXA´S low-carbon Aluminum

Almexa buys low-carbon aluminum,this enables us to contribute to deliver products with a lower  CO2  footprint for our climate change strategy; to make a positive impact for society.

 ALMEXA buys the world’s greenest Aluminum slabs with the lowest carbon footprint. A competitive differentiator and a key component of our sustainability strategy.

ALMEXA knows that Aluminum’s lightweight, strength, thermal characteristics and easy, affordable access make it the metal of the future.

Today’s socially responsible consumers want to know that the product they choose reflects their values and helps them in keeping a low carbon footprint. Their view of sustainability takes into account fair labour practices, human rights, & corporate social justice commitments.