Our strategy & our business goals

Our strategy

We aim to be the most innovative, value-adding business in our industry, by continuously enhancing our portfolio of products and improving the quality of the service we provide to our customers.

The main support for the success of ALMEXA is its structure built on 4 pillars: 


Environment, Health and Safety, our utmost priority. Protecting the health and safety of our employees and minimizing our impact on the environment is our highest priority.


We are the only company in Latin America that has extensive casting capacity both in the PROCESS of DC (Direct Cast) and in the PROCESS of CC (Continuous Cast) this allows us to offer favorable conditions of competitiveness, speed, quality and proximity, short execution times, flexibility in minimum purchase quantities, with custom made products, low logistics costs and available capacity.


Focus on selected strategic end-markets; COOKWARE, PHARMACEUTICAL, F&B PACKAGING, B&C, HVAC, ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL, AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT; selectively expanding in these markets.


Achieve excellence in customer service and in all our operations.

With 75 years of life, ALMEXA endorses its commitment to quality and service, always focused on the needs of our consumers. 

Our business goals

  • Be a sector leader in return on capital employed throughout the Aluminum cycle
  • Grow the Company’s foundation through prudent acquisitions
  • Provide shareholders with strong dividends
  • Enhance our processing and service capabilities by investing in equipment

We will accomplish our business goals with a focus on earnings, capital utilization and an industry leading dividend. We maintain our leadership position by capitalizing on our competitive strengths and our experienced management team. Our history demonstrates a highly successful acquisition track record and consistently superior service standards. We maintain strong supplier relationships and as a result, can offer customers a vast product selection.