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foil de aluminio flexible
aluminio envoltura chocolates
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Converter Foil

Converter foil is highly compatible with all kinds of conversion operations like: rolling/forming, extruding, lacquering, printing, stamping and cutting, among others. Tightness, heat resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity of the aluminum can facilitate its use for food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


thumb laqueado Lacquered
thumb laminado Rolled
thumb gofrado Goffered
Galeria 2 Galeri 2 Galeria 2C galeria 2B Galeria 3

Characteristics of Converted Foil

UnitsThicknessWidth (Diam.)

Coil Internal Diameter

Coil WeightAlloys
Inches 0.0003 0.0020 2 31 3 6 - 330 Lb 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX
mm 0.007 0.050 50 780 76 152 - 150 kg