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lamina acanalada de aluminio
lamina acanalada almexa

Corrugated aluminum sheet

Corrugated aluminum sheet is very light and resistant, and is increasingly being demanded for use in facilities and buildings. It’s resistant to corrosion, even in industrial highly-corrosive environments, and to fumes and vapors of organic compounds and to chemicals. This corrosion resistance allows it to maintain itself in good shape during all its life. It can be produced in different finishes and textures that protect it and improve its appearance. Its installation is as easy as its cleaning and maintenance.

Applications: It is widely used in factory roofs, warehouses, parking lots, exposition centers, etc.


thumb lamina aluminio ondulada Wavy
lámina aluminio perfil Profile
lamina aluminio trapezoidal Trapezoidal
acanalada 3 Acanalada 4 Acanalada 5 Acanalada 6 acanalada 7 acanalada 8

Characteristics of Corrugated Aluminum Sheet

UnitsThicknessWidth (Diam.)LengthAlloys
Inches 0.016 0.059 32 36 20 394 1XXX,3XXX
mm 0.4 1.5 809 910 500 10,000