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Foil aluminio Natural
foil aluminio
foil natural03

Natural Foil

Foil is produced from high quality rolled ingots and Caster coils. It is produced with sophisticated equipment and with strict quality controls that ensure a range of world class rolled products, extrusions and aluminum products.

Thanks to continuous updating and improvement in the processes we have maintained production to the keep pace with increasing market demand.


thumb foil rollo aluminio Industrial Foil
thumb foil aluminio almexa Domestic and commercial
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foil nat02 Foil natural alupak foil nat04 papel aluminio natural foil nat06

Characteristics of Natural Foil

UnitsThicknessWidth (Diam.)

Coil Internal Diameter

Coil External Diameter

Coil WeightAlloys
Inches 0.0003 0.0059 1 47 3 6 - 18 - 330 Lb 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX
mm 0.007 0.150 25.4 1,200 76 152 - 450 - 150 kg