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Lanzamiento alustyling

Launching Alustyling, foil for hair.

The last 27th, 28th and 29th of October in Centro Banamex it was launched the foil for hair in the prestigious event “Expo Beauty Show”.


The presentation was given by Leticia Gonzalez Torres, Almexa’s marketing manager, along with the commercial team formed by Patricia Ramirez, Emelia Chavez, Nayeli Gomez, Alvaro Santiago, Jose Luis Lopez and by professional stylists that gave the demonstration of the use and application of foil with different color techniques.

While the foil for hair was presented also the Alustyling of 18 microns for thin hair and of 26 microns for thick and processed hair were showed. Alustyling was outstanding during the event due to two originals proposals and an environment that invited the assistants to come close to the booth and to know the product.


In the event it was informed that Alustyling is the first foil designed for stylists and professionals’ use and it was highlighted that it is an ideal tool for dyes and bleaches because it allows the creation of new effects and color designs without limits: Californian wicks, color wisps, ribbons, highlights, among others.


After obtaining the expected success in the event now Almexa is developing marketing actions in the domestic market with the objective of increasing its presence in the different means of commercialization of the main cities in Mexico.