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Most kitchen products are aluminum-based. Durability is a very important property because it is not necessary to constantly replace them. Also, aluminum does not allow odors to permeate food, it is resistant and it has an excellent capacity to conduct heat.

More than 50% of the kitchen items produced is aluminum-based. Since its discovery it has been widely accepted by the public and professionals in the field.

This material also favors the saving of the heat used in the kitchen because it only looses 7% of the heat that it receives, that is to say that 93% of the heat used for cooking is transmitted to the food prepared.



Characteristics of the product

Inches 0.028 0.157 6  43 1XXX,3XXX,5XXX
mm 0.7 4 160  1,100
Sartén de aluminio
Cazuela de aluminio
Utensilios de aluminio
Plancha de aluminio
Hervidor de aluminio
Accesorios de aluminio