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Aluminio en Farmacéutica


Many of the properties of aluminum paper are combined in order to provide for excellent medication packaging, creating a barrier against sunshine, humidity, oxygen, gas and other liquids. It is resistant and can be laminated with other materials for the demanded application. Its light weight allows for high performance and a decrease of costs.

The products arrive in a completely sterile condition due to the annealing temperature and conditioning final processes. It is not hazardous to health and we offer lamination with or without printing and necessary packaging to ensure medically sterile standards.

Characteristics of the product

UnitsThicknessWidth (Diam.)

Coil Internal Diameter

Coil WeightAlloys
Inches 0.0003 0.0020 2 31 3 6 - 330 Lb 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX
mm 0.007 1.050 50 780 76 152 - 150 kg
Aluminio en farmacéutica Pharmaceutical
Blíster Aluminio Blister
Aluminio suave Soft aluminum