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Not too long ago cars were red, TVs were black and washing machines and fridges were White. Now, everything tends to be more elegant, brighter and of aluminum.

Office equipment, accessories, furniture, illumination:

The frame of the conference room board, the mounting brackets for paintings, frames and legs of tables, racks and lighting displays are all examples of  manufactured aluminum-based components. The resistance, low weight, formability and attractive surface finish are the most important characteristics for choosing aluminum.

Engineers, designers and architects choose aluminum in their buildings and projects because of its malleability, lightness and even its decorative aspect. Wherever we look aluminum is present, from our home kitchen to the office.




Characteristics of the product

UnitsThicknessWidth (Diam.)

Coil Internal Diameter

Coil External Diameter

Coil WeightAlloys
Inches 0.0003 0.0059 1 47 3 6 - 18 - 330 Lb 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX
mm 0.007 0.150 25.4 1,200 76 152 - 450 - 150 kg
Aluminio para decoración Decoration
Aluminio para puertas Decoration
Marcos de aluminio Decoration