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The use of aluminum foil in confectionery is growing. Besides protecting the product from the environment it gives it a  decorative touch.

Lots of chocolate products are stored for long periods of time and eventually the shiny surface tends to deteriorate when exposed to humidity and light. Aluminum paper offers the best protection, providing a total barrier against light, humidity and aroma and taste penetration. Also, it can be firmly attached to the surface of the chocolate.

For any confectionery product, the shinny metallic surface of the metallic foil also provides color and impact, adding fun and enjoyment of the product.



Characteristics of the product

UnitsThicknessWidth (Diam.)

Coil Internal Diameter

Coil WeightAlloys
Inches 0.0003 0.0020 2 31 3 6 - 330 Lb 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX
mm 0.007 1.050 50 780 76 152 - 150 kg
Envoltura de aluminio Confectionery
Envoltura de aluminio en dulces Confectionery
Aluminio para envoltura de chocolates Confectionery