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Almexa aluminio socialmente responsable

Social Responsibility

In Almexa social responsibility has always been a part of our philosophy.


Grupo Vasconia S.A.B has received the insignia of Socially Responsible Company (ESR for its acronym in Spanish) for the past six years in a row as a result of its constant effort to implement procedures, policies and programs that positively influence and sustain the development of the country, our people and the environment that we operate in.

In Almexa employee health is a permanent objective, and as a result we continuously take actions that lead to an increase in their quality of life like:

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  • Constant training and updating of our employees.
  • Organization of physical and recreational activities that promote family life.
  • Events where the efforts of our employees are recognized.
  • Safety and hygiene week among others, where health services are offered to employees.


Almexa Empresa Socialmente Responsable
Almexa responsabilidad social
Almexa ESR