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About Us

Laminados de aluminio | Almexa - misión

Mission, vision and values


To manufacture products that exceed the quality, service and cost expectations of our customers and that allow us to be recognized as the leading company in the market.


To be the most efficient, productive and profitable aluminum rolling company in Latin America and to become the main reference company when discussing aluminum rolled products.


mision s 01 Quality: We look for precision, attention to detail and achieving goals.
 mision s 03 Determination: Development of solutions, timely decision making and problem analysis.
 mision s 06

Results: Consistent and on time.

 mision s 04

Professionalism: Development of technical, management and knowledge skills.

 mision s 02

Team work: Team spirit, cooperation, ability to negotiate and disposition to learning.

 mision s 05

Proactivity: We take control to make things really happen and the initiative to create improvements.